C. Kari November 2013

Great job – very polite and quick –
completed work and fixed my washer – very pleased.

Kenneth May 2011

Terrific service. Very knowledgeable and willing to meet customer needs. Thank you very much!

Janis May 2011

Service man very helpful and thorough – very nice and quick.

Sofia May 2011

Thank you for very prompt and professional service.

Cathy April 2011

Very courteous tech – efficient and clean. Thank you.

N. Ng May 2011

Very impressed! Not only did Roman complete the repair I had hoped for, he did all the little things I didn’t expect to be done. Thank you!

Laura Goldwasser July 2012

The service tech was very helpful to explain how to use the fridge to avoid ice-making problems. Came on time to do a repair.

Christina Litte
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Great service. Was fast and checked eveything.

Robert Sforzin February 2013

Very satisfied with the service of oven. Victor met all my expectations.
Thank you.

Shaon Goldin August 2012

Service was really great. He replaced whatever needed and did a great job. Very pleasant man.

Cat Hart June 2010

Very helpful! Fast, cleaned up, fixed everything! On time :)
Very nice too!
Thank you!


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